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Custom Cigarette Boxes at Wholesale Rate

In this modern era usage of cigarettes has become trendy. People use it as a fashion and pain reliever. As you know cigarettes are delicate and flimsy. They are easy to damage and spoil. We need sturdy packaging boxes that protect them from environmental factors. The protective boxes should have eminent aspects that leave everlasting impressions on your customers. We know all cigarettes are made of tobacco with slight differences. So what major points that increase your retailing are customization of Cigarette Packaging Boxes. There are different techniques that use to adorn your packaging boxes. To present your products in impressive ways we customize them inappropriate size, color, design, and texture. These aspects grab your customers’ attention and enhance their status.


Custom Cigarette Boxes in the USA – PackagingNinjas

If you are making high-quality cigarette products but your retailing is still disturbing. In this case, you need to consider some other points that boost your retailing and make you limelight. To fulfill this purpose in an appropriate way PackagingNinjas is making Custom Cigarette Boxes that give value to your products. These packaging boxes adorn in appealing ways that leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. One more significant point we can see by custom packaging boxes is they rebrand your products. The custom boxes with your brand name advertise your product without extra charges.


Custom Cigarette boxes Packaging with Quality Paper Material

There are different types of material that remain feasible for Cigarette Packaging. We prefer to use eco-friendly material that does not pollute our environment. This material is biodegradable and easy to recycle. The paper boxes are made of Kraft paper and Cardboard Cigarette Boxes paper. They both remain apt during cutting, folding and adoring. With this quality paper material, we grab your customers’ attention. These boxes will enhance users’ status. They are handy and easy to carry while moving from one spot to another.


Get 50% Off | Custom Printed Cigarette Packaging Boxes

If you are interested to get Wholesale Custom Cigarette Boxes at reasonable rates we offer you different discounted prices. We let you place your order in bulk and get fine quality packaging boxes at wholesale rates. There are many offers that are hidden here and the amazing thing is this you can easily explore them according to your requirements. We are making paper boxes that are feasible for printing. You will get printed boxes in half amount. They contain all aspects like finishing, glossing, and embossing at half prices because we are offering a flat 50% off on all types of packaging boxes.

Do Cigarette Boxes Attract People To Buy Cigarettes?

If you are worried about retailing and stuck with a question is it possible for you to boost your retailing with attractive cigarette boxes? In answer to this question, we say yes without any hesitation because PackagingNinjas is manufacturing custom cigarette boxes. They are available in all possible designs, styles, and colors. We add foiling and raised-ink strategies to leave a positive impression on your customers. The flip-top tucks and many other styles of tucks will be handy for customers and they appreciate using such amazing stylish packaging boxes

4 Ways Custom Cigarette Boxes Differentiate Your Brand From Competitors

To stay prominent among your rivals is an important point. We need some significant features to differentiate you from your competitors. There are some steps that we follow while designing your Cigarette Boxes. We design Blank and Empty cigarette boxes that have sturdy inner which hold cigarettes tightly. Our distinctive point in designing your boxes is we produce printed boxes that contain necessary information and a brand logo. The brand logo will be in raised-ink and gold-silver foiling. The tricky top tuck will place your cigarette boxes in the limelight. These rock style packaging boxes with die-cut window and PVC sheet will show you the texture of the product. It will prove handy for your customers. These all Custom Printed Boxes design in sturdy material so that they sustain their position during retailing, shipping, and display.


 Custom Hair Extension boxes, protection over design!

What are custom Hair Extension boxes?

Hair Extension is actually a cosmetic product used to protect hairs from humidity and wind. It is made up of several natural or artificial compounds. It’s not only used by women’s buts in today's modern world men are also using Hair Extension. Because today by the increasing of time every person wants to look more and more gorgeous. Cosmetic products need extra care so that custom Hair Extension boxes are your best choice. Hair Extension is present in different forms such as gel form, powder, and liquid. The size and shape of custom Hair Extension boxes depend upon the product or Hair Extension that is packed in it. Custom Hair Extension boxes provide your product full protection. Today in the market there are thousands of brands that are trying their best to promote their Hair Extension brand. The only big difference between these brands is the packaging. Perfect packaging is the key to your successful business. Customers ignore Dull and muddy packaging products. 

Design your own custom Hair Extension boxes

Custom Hair Extension boxes design your Hair Extension boxes in different sizes, shapes, and crafts. We choose the best color scheme for printing or we print your custom boxes with decent color. Your Custom Hair Extension boxes look more energetic and vigorous from your product. Most customers do not take an interest in the history of the product, they just read some important highlights that are mentioned on the custom Hair Extension boxes and make a decision to buy the product. Custom Hair Extension boxes not only give protection to your product but also help a lot in the promotion of your brand, by the attractive or high-quality packaging. Today in the market thousands of brands are working to compete with each other but custom Hair Extension boxes are with you to complete with this target. Our expert and intelligent designer know the market position. We design your custom boxes in an amazing way and best quality. 

Customize your custom Hair Extension in a unique manner

Women are much conscious about their hairs. So that they use different products such as Hair Extension that gives a shiny appearance in hair. When they enter in market lady likes that product which has an amazing outlook. Custom Hair Extension boxes can be customizing your custom boxes in dashing or decent style. 

 Get free shipping on custom Hair Extension boxes

Packaging Ninja offers you special discounts that you cannot get from anywhere else. The big advantage to buying custom boxes from us is that we will cover all the charges such as manufacturing, designing, styling, printing, finishing, logo printing, and anyone else in only one bill. You cannot be paid a single penny extra. offer you a special discount at a wholesale rate without compromising on quality. If you are worried about the shipment charges then you need to not worry, custom boxes offer you free shipping without any hidden charges. We deliver the product at your doorstep all over the Us and Canada. 

How to bring creativity in your soap packaging designs

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Soap was first made by Babylonians out of fats of dead animals which they used to boil.  Egyptians made soap by mixing oil with salt and various other herbs. Using soap was uncommon before the 1700s before which soap was used by rich people or before performing religious rituals. The most important development in soap was made when people started importing exotic ingredients from Africa and Asia. By mixing such ingredients soap became more appealing for regular use because of its fragrance. 

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The true popularity of soap arose in the early 1900s due to mass marketing by popular soap manufacturing companies and they started making huge profits. They focused on the hygiene factors of soap. Gradually more companies started manufacturing this product and soap became one of the necessities of our lives. People even started manufacturing soaps at home. The main ingredient in soap is the sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide apart from other ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil, aloe Vera, tea tree oil, essential oils etc. 

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Packaging designs ie. Custom Soap Boxes are as important as the ingredients in the soap. Without an attractive packaging design you would not be able to sell your soap. There are thousands of soap manufacturing companies in the market and all are looking for ways to lure customers and sell their products, therefore, even if you make the soap but if you do not create a unique packaging for your soap then you would not be able to generate sales. In short, you need to be creative in your soap packaging designs. 

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You can bring creativity in soap packaging design by choosing the type of boxes you can use for your soap and by decorating such boxes.

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  1. Types of boxes

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Packaging is the last stage of the soap manufacturing process. One way of bringing creativity in soap packaging designs is by choosing the type of packaging which suits your soap and your brand. It is the responsibility of the soap manufacturer to have their own soap packaging designs but these days there are a lot of companies to whom you can outsource the responsibility of choosing creative designs in soap boxes. Following are different types of boxes that you can choose from. 

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  1. Simple boxes

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These are simple rectangular boxes made from either cardboard or kraft material which you can use. Usually these boxes are made in accordance with the size of soap. Usually small businesses use these kinds of boxes. These kinds of boxes are economical and eco friendly. Usually soap is first wrapped in a thin paper and then places inside such boxes. 

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  1. Sleeve boxes

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These are also called matchboxes because of their resemblance. Such boxes include a sleeve or drawer inside the box. The soap is placed in the drawer first and the sleeve is slid inside the box. The whole box is simple and beautiful.

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  1. Box with transparent window

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This is the type of soap box which is simple, hassle free and pretty. Such boxes are rectangular in shape and have a small window on the top which allows customers to see the product inside. These types of boxes are popular because the transparent window allows customers to actually see what they are getting especially when soap itself looks pretty. Such types of boxes are used for beauty soaps. By looking at the actual product, customers would be more confident in buying the product as compared to the products without window packaging. The windows can be crafted in any unique design which further adds to the beauty of the box. 

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  1. Half soap boxes

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This is one of the cheapest boxes available. It is more of a design than packaging. It gives more emphasis to the soap and its presentation. Such boxes are half cut and do not cover the soaps completely. The rest of the soap is kept naked. It saves material and thus, the environment as well. Such designs can be found in tropical areas near beaches etc and are normally used for fruit and herb soaps or organic soaps. 

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  1. Pillow shaped boxes

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These are the types of boxes which are like pillow shaped and have an opening from the right and left side which allows the products to slide it. This type of packaging is widely used nowadays by large soap manufacturing companies and cosmetics companies. This type of packaging looks beautiful and elegant.

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  1. Decoration 

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Apart from the boxes, you can also do customizations are follows:

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  1. You can use ribbon, string or twine to wrap the soap box
  2. You can make use of patterned scrapbook papers to wrap the soap boxes which look like presents for your customers. A custom cigar band then can display the information like brand name, soap name, soap ingredients etc.
  3. For round shaped soaps, a patterned paper or a fabric is wrapped around the soaps with a round sticker label which presents the information about your company and soap.
  4. You can use cotton muslin printed bags. Such bags can be made in accordance with the size of soap. The information about the soap can be printed on the bags. Such bags are reusable. 

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Paper Flip Top Cigarette Box vs Tray and Sleeve Box What is best for your pre-roll cones packaging.

Design is important when it comes to use and handle time to time on a daily basis. Packaging designers pay keen attention to the user’s comfort, they innovate new features in designs to facilitate customer. Every day new brands are emerging in the market, they are using different types of strategies to appeal to customers. Major features which are introducing are aesthetic printing, foil coating, embossing, and metallic labeling, these are the attracting feature which compels consumer. But the structural design of custom pre-roll boxes is the most valuable feature among these. Paper flip-top box and sleeve box designs are competing with one another to win the title of the customer’s favorite packaging. As the design is a matter of concern for your pre-roll cone cigarette boxes, both designs have various features. These features can explain the advantages and disadvantages of their structure. 

Paper Flip Top Box

Easy opening

Paper flip top box design for pre-roll packaging is very user friendly and simple, its rectangular structure makes it stable, strong, and plan. It considerable tranquil to open this box by just flipping its top lid and pick out your cigarette straight. Its lid is calmly close when it putting back. It is the easiest way of opening in any design because this involves only a small part of it. This whole process just takes a few seconds. And this design very finely satisfies the consumer.

Prominent size

When handling is a concern, size plays an important role in this. Flip-top box design size is considerably small. Because it’s a small size it handling become significantly easy and customer roaming with this comfortless. But its product carry capacity doesn’t affect by its size due to straight structure.  

Lighten weigh

Handling becomes easier due to its lightweight. Designers keep the structure one layer and a few glued joints. That is the reason its structure is simple, light, and strong. This quality-made it more acceptable in the market and adequate among customers.

Tray and Sleeve Box

More protected

Sleeve structure is a multi-layer and two-part structure that give it an advantage. This advantage comes in the shape of a firm structure which gives it protection. It has a rectangular shape structure. The rectangular structure is strong enough to keep the product safe, cigarettes stay erect without bending in any case of an incident. This type of protection is very rare in such a simple plan design. Customers attract to this remarkable quality because they realize the company gives value to their services.

Different and unique style

This particular design gives an extraordinary look which allure its viewers, this charming appearance fascinates consumer about the product. Research shows one-third of purchase decisions made when the customer looks at the appearance of the product.

Professional look

It is requisite for a professional to have a specific product that is adequate for him. The sleeve cigarette box’s look is very impressive in this regard. And professional prefer this type of design as compared to any simple one. It is thoroughly a valuable design for professional people.

Make Your Gift Special with Custom Pillow Shaped Box Packaging

Packaging that gives an eye-catch appearance is always enthusiast people. That is the reason brands prefer packaging, which attracts customers. If you want to give a special gift to your beloved, make sure to pack your gift in unique packaging. However, there are different types of packaging that are available in the market. Pillow shaped packaging is in fashion. This packaging i.e custom pillow boxes now becomes the top choice of brands for several reasons. These custom pillow boxes are getting popular, and people use them for upgrading the overall appearance of the gifts on various occasions. You might be packing your wedding or birthday favors in pillow-shaped boxes to amuse your guest. This type of packaging made your small favors exceptional and distinctive insight of viewers.




Pillow box making

For joyous occasions such as a wedding, birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, you should pack your gift with these multi-designed pillow boxes and make them customized. And in this way, your beloved sense its value. If you print your boxes with some impressive design, it will make the packaging remarkable. You can print pictures or engrave designs that made it outstanding in look and also keep the design according to the particular occasion.

Customized coloring plan

When you decide to make your boxes more progressive in appearance, you should plan the coloring scheme carefully because it is imperative for creating customized packaging. To make packaging awesome, it is also crucial to utilize a diversity of color shades. As you use the alluring printing scheme for your product packaging as more your sale go up. However, regarding your color, choosing to keep it in mind that it will be compatible with the audience those you want to target. Alone with the tone, shading also has an imperative role in making the craft splendid. Choose those printing services which use a special shading framework. Such color combinations and shading frameworks are able to make your product packaging more appealing, and it would make customers pleased.




Include festive days into your boxes 

 If a gift looks alluring, it will make the recipient more enthusiastic about the gift. Regardless of the gift, the first thing that someone sees is its wrapping. It must be remembered that makes a difference, what is inside. But the appearance of the pillow box is moreover substantial. The time of year when the gift is given, these packaging solutions are useful for one who gives a gift. Use this style to engrave some meaningful presentation to your gifts. You can use pillow boxes to make presentations of your gifts more appealing and brilliant on occasions or festivals like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Versatile pillow boxes

This packaging is available in diversity, and you can use various kinds of boxes according to your comfort. You should use such packaging that suits your product. There are some kinds of pillow boxes that are easily available for the gift packaging purpose. 

  • Kraft pillow boxes

  • Corrugate pillow boxes

  • Cardboard pillow boxes

  • Window front pillow boxes

Accessibility of pillow boxes

One of the amazing features of this packaging is its easy availability. The material of this packaging is easily available in the market, and it is cheap and readily. If you want to buy these pillow packaging, you can purchase readymade pillow packaging, and those come with beautiful design and colors which available on occasion like the packaging. Pillow boxes can solve your product packaging problem because it comes with various size and range of shapes.


Classy Cigarette boxes for your brand promotion!

The cigarette boxes are used to preserve and keep cigarettes in it. These boxes give an alluring look to cigarettes. It also helps to represent your company. My box packaging provides you blank cigarette boxes. You can use these blank cigarette boxes for the marketing of your cigarettes. Anyone who is dealing in cigarettes should buy blank cigarette boxes at wholesale. You can get a huge variety of designs and styles of cigarette boxes. We make special cigarette boxes for our consumers. Because we know cigarette packaging is an advertisement for their cigarettes in another way.

Alluring cigarette boxes:

People want to use those cigarettes, which have beautiful packaging. We provide you alluring blank cigarette boxes. These boxes grab the attention of consumers. You can make blank cigarette boxes, customize with your logo and company name. The packaging is a marketing tool. Therefore, we provide you the best quality of blank cigarette boxes. We manufacture cigarette boxes in different materials.

We provide paper cigarette boxes at incredible rates. These boxes are made up of high-quality paper. This gives a unique look to cigarettes. Eye-catchy paper cigarette boxes play an essential role in the advertisement of your cigarettes. These boxes attract people towards itself. Mostly cigarettes are wrap in paper cigarette boxes. We print your company name on paper cigarette boxes. It enhances the look of the packaging.


Cardboard cigarette boxes:

We have different packaging materials. We also have cardboard cigarette boxes. These boxes have strength and flexibility. These cardboard cigarette boxes groom your brand visibility. The big companies that are running successfully mostly use to wrap their cigarette products in cardboard cigarette packaging. This packaging also enlightens the look of the store. People are more likely to attract cardboard cigarette boxes instead of paper cigarette boxes because cigarettes remain safer in cardboard cigarette boxes.

Customize your cigarette packaging with custom cigarette boxes

We make custom cigarette boxes for you. We can customize your packaging with your logo designing and printing of tag linesCustom cigarette boxes are an excellent tool for marketing your cigarette products. We know everyone who enters into the market is very conscious about its name and brand. We understand your needs and requirements and manufacture custom cigarette boxes. The customization of cigarette boxes gives an elegant look to cigarettes. We provide you a large number of custom cigarette boxes at wholesale.

We have different designs of paper cigarette boxes and cardboard cigarette boxes. We are providing ease in your ways of packaging. You can get a variety of sizes, designs and, styles of paper cigarette boxes and cardboard cigarette boxes. We are not demanding any extra charges. We are providing you order at your doorstep.

Lush paper cigarette and cardboard cigarette boxes:

If you cannot compromise on the quality of your product. We cannot also compromise on the quality of packaging. We provide you high quality of paper cigarette boxes and cardboard cigarette boxes at a low price. Quality and quantity we take care of both factors. Therefore, we are providing custom cigarette packaging at wholesale. You can get a bulk amount of custom cigarette packaging from wholesale. In wholesale, you can get your favorite bundle in an affordable range. We offer our consumers different deals. You can choose any deal which is suitable for you. We have a variety of sizes in which you can wrap your product uniquely.

Bulk Packaging at wholesale:

You need the bulk of the boxes. But you don't want to disturb your budget. So, the wait is over. We are here to provide you packaging services at wholesale. It lowers the cost. We are manufacturing custom paper cigarette boxes and custom cardboard cigarette boxes for you at wholesale. Several companies are dealing with cigarettes. Different people have different choices. We keep this point in our mind and provides you high quality of cigarette boxes in various styles and designs. Our custom cigarette boxes help in the advertisement for the product. Use our packagings and commercialize your cigarettes. Our packaging will increase your consumption rate. We provide you cigarette boxes at wholesale and never demands shipping fees.

Final words:

If you want to wrap your products elegantly. No need to worry. Because we have solutions and packaging of all your products, visit our site and place your order for cigarette boxes.

Beautifully designed Corrugated Boxes for your brand

Corrugated cardboard is one of the finest and safest types of cardboard material. It has enormous qualities in itself which can be highly beneficial for your products. You might be using cardboard boxes for your products but you will never find such a perfect packaging solution as a corrugated box. There are only a few Custom corrugated boxes manufacturers available in the world but you will only find your perfect corrugated box at Packaging Ninjas. When it comes to cardboard, corrugated packaging boxes have always been one of the most popular types of packaging boxes. These boxes are not only safe for your products but also increases the elegancy of your brand.

Cost-Effective Custom Corrugated boxes


According to research, when it comes to buying a product most of the customers prefer custom packaging because it gives them a sense of reliability when they see customized packaging with inspiring taglines and eye-catching artwork. Getting your own custom corrugated boxes might sound like a huge expense but trust me, it is not what it seems like. Getting your own custom corrugated boxes was never this easy as it is now. These corrugated cardboard boxes are really cost-effective and attractive as well.

What makes these corrugated cardboard boxes the safest solution


As you know that corrugated cardboard is made up of a minimum of three layers of cardboard paper crumpled against one another and forming into a thick layer of cardboard. This thick layer is super beneficial when it comes to handling fragile products. That is why the corrugated box is the most popular type of cardboard packaging. It not only provides your product with extra protection but also enhances the visibility of your brand.

Get your own personalized printed corrugated boxes


The customization of packaging boxes is not just limited to its sizes, shapes, and styles but it also includes graphically printed logos and other artwork. These boxes can be printed into any design. We also use neon colors for printing to make them look more attractive. You can also get your boxes according to the needs of your products. And guess what, we won’t charge any extra charges to design your custom boxes. We also make corrugated display boxes that come in all sizes and shapes. These printed corrugated boxes are really cost-effective and long-lasting.

What Packaging Ninjas offer to its customers?


We at Packaging Ninjas believes that every product requires a unique packaging and we are striving hard to provide our best services to our clients. We try our best to produce one of the best packaging boxes in the world. We offer a wide range of custom corrugated boxes which fulfill the requirements of our customers. To fulfill the need of our valuable customers is our top priority and we are working hard to achieve the satisfaction of our clients. If you are in selling a business and looking for a perfect packaging solution for your brand you should visit our website. We have a great variety of unique designs that can fit any of the products. We guarantee you that our designs will not disappoint you in any way.

Custom Kraft Boxes are a perfect solution for Packaging

Why custom Kraft boxes are a perfect solution for Packaging

Nowadays, you may see a variety of options for packaging in the market but only a few are capable of fulfilling the requirements of your products. Yes, it’s true. Every product has its own custom needs and requirements which makes it perfect in the market. Not every standard box can fulfill it. You need to have a perfect packaging solution such as custom Kraft boxes for your products to make them stand out in the market. Nothing can be more compelling than having your own custom Kraft boxes for your very own unique products. And the best thing about these

custom Kraft boxes are that you can get them on wholesale. 

Tips to make your product stand out in the market with these custom Kraft boxes You may have heard different marketing techniques to enhance the visibility of your product in the market. But you may not know that those techniques not only cause you hefty bills but also consumes a lot of your time and efforts. And after all those efforts you might not get your desired results. So, what is that one thing that you can do to increase the marketability of your product? You can simply have custom Kraft boxes to make your product look stunning on the shelves.

How to use custom Kraft boxes as a real business booster

These custom Kraft boxes can be a real sale booster for your business. Kraft box packaging is one of the best packaging solutions for all types of products. It can be customized according to the needs of your products. This Kraft box packaging solution comes in a variety of options that fits all of your portfolios. These custom Kraft boxes also come in many other options such as custom Kraft white boxes is the most popular of all. These custom Kraft white boxes make your product look premium which creates a branded image of your products in the eyes of customers.

Custom printed Kraft boxes do a lot more than just marketing

These Kraft boxes are made up of high-quality Kraft paper. And this Kraft paper has immense graphic capabilities which means it can be printed in any design. Such as you can use digital printing to print your brand logo on your very own custom printed Kraft boxes. You can also print any other stuff you want for your product branding. Such as printing taglines and inspiring quotations with artwork is trending in business.

Packaging Ninjas solutions

If you want to attract your customers to buy your product, now is the time for you to give up those boring standard packaging. Using Custom Kraft boxes is a great effort to start packaging your products. Visit Packaging Ninja to find the suitable Custom Kraft boxes for your products, we wholesale various styles and sizes Kraft paper boxes, as well as customized printed Kraft boxes. On our website, you will find your desired boxes according to the requirements of your products.

Product packaging in cube box helps in your sales, How ? Here it is !

What are custom cube boxes?

Custom cube boxes are cost-effective as they used mostly all-purpose, it may utility store, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, bakery items, and offices, homes. These are cost-effective because we use cardboard paper boxes. Cube boxes can fulfill your all requirements. For the gift purpose, birthday and valentine custom cube boxes are the best option. Custom cube boxes are cost-effective or at a reasonable price but when these cube boxes are decorated with flowers and ribbons it will increase the value of your gift. Custom cube boxes are rarely used in bakery items, these boxes are safe for food items. These cube boxes protect the food from environmental facts. These cube boxes can be customized by attractive or eye-catching printing.


Design your custom cube boxes

Custom cube boxes have openly option to design your box as you wanted to have. You can also have the option to print your company logo, brand names as well. For the gift purpose and on a special occasion we print wishes also but these all requirements are on customer demand. We wrap your gift in extraordinary packaging because we know the importance of your gift to someone special. These custom cube boxes can store every type of thing. Custom cube boxes have available many structures and plans for your cube boxes.

Bath Bomb Boxes For your Brand Positions

What are bath bomb boxes?

Bath bomb boxes are more common these days. Actually, these boxes are used in the bath to put detergents, essential oils, soap, and many more bath products. These are daily usage boxes.  In these boxes, bath products remain safe from harmful germs of bath and safe from the children's approach also. Mostly bath bomb boxes are used in offices bath, saloons, spas, or may home bath. People are crazy to use it. Bath bomb boxes have many slots in them. You can buy on your choice as it may be two slots, three or many more slots. These boxes may in sleeve style box and tray-style box. You have many options for shape, size, color, and style in custom bath bomb boxes. Some bath bombs are with essential oils that make your bath refreshing.


Design your custom bath bomb boxes

Custom boxes have experience designer which design your custom bath bomb boxes as you want. You just think design in mind to have bath bomb boxes and custom experience designer makes it really. If in your bath have not enough space for your bath bomb then custom packaging makes special bath bomb packaging. So that you can take a bath bomb whenever you are going to bath. Custom bath bomb boxes have a limitless design that you can do. These boxes may in a plastic box.

Which type of stock we can choose to manufacture boxes?

Cardboard boxes are mostly used in custom bath bomb boxes. If you are looking for durable, long-lasting, money-saving, then you are in the right space. Custom cardboard packaging fulfills your all expectation. Paper boxes are also used for bath bomb purposes. But these paper bath bomb boxes are not durable or long-lasting. In cardboard boxes, the bath bomb is safely protected from moisture and external effect. Many other materials also use in bath bomb boxes as paper, sheer paper, cardboard, and many others. After choosing the material you can select the size and shape of bath bomb boxes. Sizes are different depending upon the bath. You have also option to choose different color bath bomb boxes, it may one-color, two-color, three-color and many other options.  

How custom bath bomb boxes save money?

Custom cardboard bath bomb boxes are the easier way to save money because cardboard boxes are the cheapest material rather than the paper. So custom packaging mostly uses cardboard for their packaging. One thing is more important of cardboard boxes that it is long-lasting rather than paper boxes. If you want to make your box packaging top-class then use glossy finishing. Custom bath bomb packaging is charming that’s why also used for gifting purpose. These boxes are with your brand name, logo, or important instruction that’s printed on your box will help you to promote your brand name in the market. You see many more brands in the market which are competitors of each other. We are not compromising with the quality. So need to not worry about the quality of cardboard boxes. 

Some facts to know about the custom cream boxes

Creams are basically used for skin moisturizing, and for this reason, it is a part of skincare products. In order to add the worth and elegance in the product up to the mark, packaging solutions are essential. However, these boxes also create a brand image in front of the target audience. Various custom printed cream boxes options are accessible for the cream manufacturing companies. These boxes contain the brand information and convey it to the customer. This soundless communication facilitates the brands in creating differentiation in the market. Custom cream boxes allow the cream manufacturers to use the numerous shaping dimensions for their cream packaging. These options add the essence of the luxury to the overall look of the cream packaging. 
Variety of the box packaging styles that can use for cream Packaging:
Custom options provide the full freedom of choosing the styling dimension for the cream boxes. As the style is the crucial contributor for creating an unforgettable display due to this reason, customers pay attention to the presentation of the products. We care for all of these considerations and allow the brands to choose their box style as per their own desire. Some of the styling dimension that you see in our collection are enlisted below:
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes
  • Reverse tuck-in boxes
  • Straight tuck-in boxes
  • Cuboid boxes
  • Window boxes
Variety of packaging material for the cream box packaging:
The boxes material are selected as per the purpose they are going to serve. However, cosmetic and skincare products need extensive protection, and their boxes must be fabricated through high-quality material. The material we offer for your custom cream boxes are:
  • Cardboard material with all types of printable options.
  • Corrugated material of high strength. 
  • Kraft paper material for eco-friendly packaging. 
Available color printing options that we offer for cream packaging:
We also offer quality printing in all color combinations for the annexation of logos, brand, and product details. If you choose us for your cream packaging solutions, you can get printing in the following color schemes.  
  • CMYK that include basic printing color combinations.
  • PMS - Panton management system. 
Standard Size for the custom cream boxes:
As the word custom depict that the sizes of cream boxes are available as per the demand of the customers. So, we offer no limit for the cream box size, but some standards are presented for the sizing of the cream boxes that are:
  • 4 x 4 inch 
  • 5 x 5 inch 
  • 6 x 6 inch
Mostly the cream packaging boxes are produced in the cube shapes, so their width and length are equal. 
Considerable Points that need to be focused before order:
You are required to focus on some points in order to reduce the hassle. 
  • A sampling of the design and artwork
  • Pricing 
  • Proof of the design
  • The material of the cream boxes
  • Printing methods that you require. 
Why you choose our company for your cream packaging?
There are some qualities that every purchaser needs when purchasing packaging solutions for his products. And we offer all such things to the customer. If you place your order with us, you will get the following benisons. 
  • High-quality packaging
  • Affordable prices 
  • Up to mark and durable printing 
Steps by step process for order with us:
If you are interested in placing your order with us, then you need to follow the mentioned procedure. 
  • Get a quotation that entails the estimated cost.
  • Communicate your design or artwork with our sales representative. 
  • Demand for 3D Proof of your packaging design. 
  • You discussed your possible order delivery date. 
  • Confirmed your order method and pay at PayPal.
  • Obtain the tracking ID to follow your order.
For queries you can contact us 24/7:
Our team is all time available to resolve any complaint from the customer’s side. Just to ensure the best quality service, we offer you to contact any time, and you can get the answers to your problems in a few seconds. You can also send us your queries about custom boxes through email at 

In trending Custom hair extension boxes you can use for your product.

What are custom hair extension boxes?

Hair extension is actually artificial hair. Today the modern world those girls who have short hair but they like long hair than they used artificial hair to fulfill their desire. Same as for long, curly, and short hair. Hair extension increases the beauty of women because hair is part of the face. Hair extensions are of shiny and thick hair. Custom hair extension packaging is used as a protection of these artificial hairs. Custom hair extension boxes present your hair extension boxes in a beautiful way. Actually, hair extension is used to beautify the girl's look.


Box style can use for custom hair extension

Custom hair extension boxes are of different styles. We offer you a variety of styles in custom hair extension boxes. Hair extension boxes are of different types such as micro link hair extension, micro bead hair extensions, loops hair extensions, weave hair extension, tape hair extension, and pre-bonded or fusion hair extension. Custom hair extension boxes also called custom wig extension boxes.

Range of material for custom hair extension packaging

Custom hair extension boxes can be used as high-quality material. We will not be compromised with quality. We used cardboard material, corrugated material, and Kraft paper. Cardboard material is easy to carry the weight of the product. Custom hair extension boxes are of different styles such as five-panel hanger, hanger product holder, bowl sleeve boxes, and straight tuck end with customizable window. Customizable window end boxes have to die-cut boxes that help the customer in the selection of hair extension because hair extension is of different color and different hairstyles of artificial hair.

The standard size of custom hair extension boxes

Custom hair extension boxes are available in different sizes. Actually, hair extension boxes depend upon the product that packed in it. Because hair extension is available in all sizes and designs. We print your logo and brand name on boxes. It leaves a positive impact on the customer's mind.

Possible color printing for hair extension packaging

The customer likes the attractive and eye-catching color printing. Custom hair extension boxes have an expert design team that design your hair extension boxes in a beautiful way with free of cost. Dull and plain packaging does not like the customer. And they don’t like to purchase such a product. Actually, customization is the secret of a successful business. A customer likes those products which are present in amazing packaging.

Why we are the best custom hair extension box manufacture?

Custom hair extension protects the hair extension from the environmental pollution that may damage your hair extension. We print all the necessary information on the boxes that leaves a good impression on the customer's mind. We use biodegradable material for packaging. We surely fulfill our customer demand. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We offer you free shipping without any hidden charges. You can deliver your product on only one bill. we can deliver Custom Boxes within 5 to 6 days. 



How to get Custom Eye shadow boxes in NEWYORK USA

Eyes are one of the most important part of body. Before talking about  custom eye shadow packaging lets dig into few deatails.Today world every young lady wants to be perfect. Those young lady which have not enough thick and shinny eye shadow then they use artificial eye shadow. These artificial eye shadow are much thick and shinny and gives naturally look. Eyes play important role in the beauty of face. That’s why women’s can do anything to look gorgeous. By the use of eye shadow eyes look beautiful, big, and attractive. eye shadow are actually cosmetic brand. Cosmetic brand need extra care and extra attractive or eye-catching packaging. Custom eye shadow boxes can protect the eye shadow from external harmful factor that may damaged the product packed inside.


One of the most experienced box printers

Custom eye shadow box have expert printing team. We can print your eye shadow boxes in excellent way. Eyes are incomplete without a thick, long and shinny eye shadow. We print billion of custom eye shadow boxes. We have expert and intelligent team which print your custom eye shadow boxes in such way what you want. Selection of perfect eye shadow is difficult task for a woman. In cosmetic industry women are attract by the beautiful or eye-catching packaging. The competition between cosmetic brands is too high in market today. Each company tries to show some new thing in market. Cosmetic industry young lady will attract by the glorious printing, marvelous design, alluring coating, and long lasting material. Your demand of eye shadow products increase in market due to only custom eye shadow packaging.

Why you should talk about eye shadow boxes

Custom eye shadow boxes give fully protection to your eye shadow that’s why custom eye shadow boxes are customer first choice. That packaging which is dull, never likes by the customer or the customer ignore them. We design your custom boxes in uniquely. We give you variety of unique ideas or you have billion options in the selection of eye shadow packaging. Beautiful packaging develops interest in the customer as buy the product and uses it. Mostly girls buy cosmetic brand only by attract the packaging. So that the product come one of the best product in the cosmetic industry. Thick, long and shiny black eye shadow can change your look from zero to hundred in only one second. That’s why protection of eye shadow is necessary thing.

What is so special about eye shadow boxes?

In custom eye shadow boxes your eye shadow is 100% secure. We gives you various design, size and layouts. Custom eye shadow boxes are strong enough to carry the weight of your product. We also gives you option in materials, colors, coating, printing, PVC window, embossing, degassing, and foiling. You can also print your logo, brand name, and company name. These logo and brand name can play role to raise your brand name in market and make your product best in cosmetic industry. 

Get your custom eye shadow boxes from Go To Boxes

We offer you high quality custom eye shadow boxes. We will not be compromise with the quality. Custom boxes offer you special discount in large order. You can deliver your order in only one bill.

window Box wholesale at packagingninjas

Window boxes are used to the direct contact with customer. Custom window box has die-cut or with sheet. These die-cut may in every shape rather it may circle, square, rectangle, heart or any other as. Custom die-cut window boxes show essential part of product which help the customer most in the selection of product without open it. These window boxes may in any shape, size and style. Custom window box has dashing printing which attracts the customer in first view. Customer mostly likes those products which attract them by first impression. Window box used for any items. Size of custom window box depends upon the product which packed in it.

Window boxes Use for Display purpose

Display purpose is actually to represent the things or product in window boxes which you want to sale. Window boxes help a lot to customer in choosing product without open it. Display your product can also affect your market impression. Your company logo, brand name is printed on your window boxes. Die-cut on window boxes impress the customer so it necessary to make die-cut much attracted or eye-catching.

Type of Window boxes

Window box mostly common in three types as following;
1) Round shape
2) Rectangular shape
3) Square shape
Shape of window box depends upon the product which is inside it. In custom window boxes product can be of any type, it maybe food items, diary, cosmetic, confectionary or any other as.

Paper used for Window boxes

Paper used for window boxes are maybe folding cartoon, solid board, white cardboard, coated paper, white board, yellow Kraft paper, corrugated paper, black cardboard, special paper, gold cardboard, silver cardboard.
White cardboard; its commonly used thickness is 210 grams to 400 grams and its texture paper is good.
Coated paper; its important thing is it make the printed more than 3-dimensional and its thickness is 128 grams to 400 grams. It also gives bright color.
White board; its good thing is has uniform ink absorption and its thickness is about 250 grams to 400 grams.
Kraft paper; These are mostly used in shopping bags. Commonly its thickness is about 120 grams to 350 grams.
Corrugated paper; it is low cast paper as compare to other. It has further two types single corrugated cardboard and double corrugated cardboard. According to its corrugated size it can be further five types as name A, B, C, E and F. it is mostly used ion gift packaging purpose.
Black cardboard; as this type of paper is black from inside and outside, so it cannot print colored pattern. Its thickness is about from 250 grams to 350 grams.

Window boxes and Product appearance

Custom Window boxes helps to increase the appearance of any product in the world because it’s up to you how much part of product you want to show your customers without open the boxes. The main purpose of window boxes is customer can look product with our break the seal of boxes or damage the product.


Suitcase Boxes Wholesale at Packagingninjas

Brief case style boxes also known as suitcase style boxes. Those people who travel much, that know the importance of suitcase boxes. Custom boxes made suitcase boxes without compromising with the quality. In suitcase boxes quality matter the first because you carry your necessary or important items in suitcase during the travel. Custom boxes ordered your boxes according to your product that you in this custom suitcase boxes. Custom suitcase boxes are used cardboard to made suitcase boxes which safely used in shipping, even if it is rough shipping. This cardboard material has the ability to carry weight enough.
Firstly cardboard boxes are die-cut according to the need of customer than next step is printing. Custom printing is according to client specification. Custom designer are much experienced which help you a lot in designing your box. Custom printing includes brand name, company, and logo on your box as customer demand. Custom suitcase can design your box as you just thinking to have. You just made your suitcase box in mind and custom boxes made it really. Custom suitcase boxes never compromise with the quality.
Custom suitcase boxes are more attractive, alluring, durable, and sturdy because custom suitcase boxes given a coating of gloss and matte lamination which not effect to your luggage. Custom suitcase boxes are long lasting and strong. We know the value of your brand name in market and custom suitcase boxes also firstly give full concern on quality that help you to beat the competitors in market. On the client demand custom suitcase boxes also made the specific effect technique like embossing, debossing, raised ink or spot UV.
Custom suitcase boxes made all sizes, type and styles of boxes. You can order your boxes online on our website.
Custom packaging offer 100% satisfaction of client. Custom packaging has years of experience in manufacturing paper base product. Custom suitcase boxes used in both offices and home. These custom suitcase boxes manage and maintain your workplace. Custom suitcase boxes have unique layouts. These boxes are at wholesale prize.
 Custom creative designer can design your box best. In case of designing we put you on driving seat, all choice is yours. Custom has experienced art technology which make possible to print anything on box. Even if you print single colored box custom suitcase boxes fully concern your order. Custom suitcase packaging works honestly. Our experienced designer can design your box with striking color combination and eye-catching design. Custom suitcase boxes provide extremely customized boxes. In custom suitcase boxes you want any quantity of customized boxes.
Custom suitcase boxes are ideal to be used in shipping or travelling. Custom suitcase boxes used best material to keep all products. These suitcase can save your items from all damaged and give extra care of your product. Custom suitcase boxes keep your product completely safe inside and custom suitcase boxes are easy to carry them out. These custom suitcase boxes are also used for gift purpose.


Custom Die Cut Boxes wholesale at Packagingninjas

Custom die cut boxes are used to secure one specific product. They can save the product until reached the customer hand. Custom professional designer give your better idea for the packaging your unique product in different style, shape, stock material and size as your demand. Custom packaging deliver best packaging product as you stand in market and stand out among competition in market. Customer likes the eye-catching product as packaging play vital role for make the first choice of customer. Custom die cut technology gives your product attractive look as you desire and are available in every size and shape. Custom die cut packaging protect your product from all external factor that can damaged or harmful for your product.Custom packaging team that is aggressive, enterprising and working hard to serve you.If you are looking for a quick serves custom packaging will quickly respond to your inquiry.

Custom die cut boxes are cheap and cost effective. We will serve you as you desire. Custom die cut technology gives you best idea. Professional packaging designer makes your product first choice of customer as custom packaging raise your product name in market. We will fulfill your packaging needs. Custom die cut boxes are available in all customization sizes, shape, style that are suitable for your packaging requirements.Packaging play vital role in make a first impression of product. Most of customer attract by quality rather than the quantity. Custom die cut designer can meet your expectation and try to fulfill your all desire that you expect by packaging. We will give you best as your imagination. We offer not only marvelous looking but our designer use latest technology to match your requirement.

Custom die cut packaging use high quality material in designing and printing as we will not compromise with the quality.  Packaging can light your product in market and the best thing is it can available in affordable prize. Custom packaging gives you more option also on packaging like embossing, cut-out, foil stamping and window patching. Packaging work as it can change an ordinary box into stylish, fancy and dashing boxes.